Burp proxy inside a VM for mobile app

This is the scenario when you have a mobile app that needs a proxy, and your burpsuite inside a vm. Below are some checks that you need to do to get to get your proxy working.

Make sure your phone as well as PC are connected to the same network. Below are some checks to be done when you have Burp inside a VM with NAT  network connection.

VM :

  1. Check if you turned on port forwarding in the vm.  Settings > Network > NAT Advanced > Port forwarding > Set up host port and guest port


  1. Start new project > Proxy > Options  > Add proxy listener > Bind to guest port
  2. Within adding proxy listener, you can also generate a certificate and export that as a .cer file and save in the phone memory.

Android phone:

  1. WiFi > Advanced > Add proxy
    1. enter IP of your host desktop
    2. Add host port
  2. Settings > security > Install from storage > Select the .cer file that is previously generated.
    1. Once installed, go to Trusted Credentials > User to check if you can find your newly added certificate.



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