Study of GhostNet

I wrote a report about GhostNet for one of my coursework. GhostNet is an advanced persistant threat with origin as China. Thought it might be interesting read for those who like to learn about advanced persistence threats in general and about GhostNet as a case study.

Abstract: The report discusses the history, motivation, operation and detection of an advanced persistent threat (APT) called GhostNet. GhostNet originates from China with one of the main target as Tibet. The history and political background about the conflict between Tibet and China for more than 50 years is a strong motivation for the emergence of the threat. Even though GhostNet began with Tibetan organisations as one of the main targets, the attack became widespread to about 103 countries infecting machines in governmental organisations and NGOs. The attacks makes use of the typical phishing email technique. The email contains contextually relevant information that makes it unsuspicious for the user to fall into the trap. The attack also includes the use of a command and control server. The report concludes with relevant detection techniques and countermeasures for protecting a system against GhostNet and similar advanced persistent threats.

PDF: GhostNet.

Enjoy reading! 🙂


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