The divine manifestation

Mind works so strange.
For the past one year, I had told this
To myself, for plenty of times!
Haven’t you also felt the same?
At least once in your life?

I build palaces of dreams with imaginations..
I live in that world..
It makes me feel so real.
I find it hard to believe that the images that
I see in front of me are images..
They are not real.
The rails, the grass, the buildings,
the people, the cars, the dogs,
the birds, the mountains, the clouds,
They are all images, of my imagination.

I got an idea to feel myself in others.
Not very sure how that works.
But I just got a glimpse of it!
I found myself manifesting in different forms.
I found my body trembling out of pain.
All beings manifested from me.
May be that is also a part of my minds imagination.

That was just for a fraction of a second.
And then back to my dream of believing
That I am a tiny creature with an ugly body
with a huge mind full of garbage,
with a beautiful brain, so polished and new
the one which is the least used..

Aaah.. no.. don’t fool me again..
I am not this! I am that..
Seems like Maharshi’s dialogue when he left home..
But please don’t misunderstand..
That was just a desire..
Not the truth!
One day, I would reach that heights..
So high.. that the differences diminishes..
Like the view from an aeroplane..
I would see them all merging into one.
I would see them merging into me!

Until then, I need to play around
with the part of myself
that is cheating me showing a fake world.
I need to remember to wake up
Not to fall deep and deep into
the fallacies of imagination..
But to awake, I need a call
from the Divine mother..
Who needs to take me in her hands,
and fly to those heights,
that would diminish the differences..


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