I dream to feel the sky!

When I look through the window beside my study table,
I see the vast sky kissing the mountains
The sky stay still without any movement, the permanent one!
The clouds are moving in the sky
Sometime they stay still and sometime they move
It is like our mind where the thoughts flow
It take number of forms, shape, size and looks beautiful
The clouds should not be misunderstood as the sky
The sky is beyond the clouds.
The sky is expansive and huge
 And it doesn’t have a shape, a color, a size or a form
 The blue color is an illusion due to scattering of white light,
 coming from the sun
The sky is like the pure consciousness,
which cannot be described in words.
I dream to feel the sky!
 Oh god, give me one chance to feel the sky
 Let me break the barriers of the clouds,
let me reach out to the mighty sky!