Stepping to Security

My preparations for sCTF started one month back. It is  a hacking contest for bringing awareness about the vulnerabilities and staying safe while using computers. It is really interesting to learn about various attacks and defenses against them. I feel that learning security is a necessacity for everyone.  Only when you know about the possible attacks, you can stay safe online. You never know how one can crack into your system if you don’t follow secure coding practices. Security mainly consists of four areas including Reverse engineering, Binary, Cryptography and Web. This almost covers the whole of the computer world. It is not sufficient to know how things work. It is important to learn about their flaws and ways to protect ourself. I started with Hackthissite. It is really interesting. Then I practiced a little bit of Python challenge. I learned about SQL injection, XSS, various encryption and decryption techniques, PHP, SQL etc. I found that the field is very vast and one can keep learning and learning as much as he want in this field. It is really important to get updated with our tools(knowledge). Otherwise it can go useless. I am looking forward for the sCTF contest.


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