Sundays reserved for Gardening

Sundays have become special for me since last week as I started going for gardening. Usually, after the butter and bread at the mess (sunday special), the day goes in desolation till afternoon. Now I am happy that I have filled it with something truly interesting and refreshing.
It takes around 15 minutes to reach the spot from Ashram.
Last time, as soon as we reached there, they showed us the plants there in the garden. It was a vegetable garden with some good flower species too.  I never saw the carrot plant before and it was pretty with small and rich green leaves. Our task was to pluck grass. I am experienced in plucking grass at home. It is long since I stood barefoot on the soil for some work and I enjoyed doing it. The place had black soil and it was muddy due to the rain the last night. We cut the grass with sickle. The roots laid very strong and deep in the soil. We cut the roots with sickle and removed the grass with hand. It was very sunny that day and I got tired very fast. I felt very nice when a big drop of sweat rolled down through my forehead. I remembered the farmers at my home town who work the whole day from early morning till evening during harvest time. It is totally a different experience from sitting in front of the computers and working on the soil. It is nice to work in the open air with many fresh  and green plants around you.
Even this week, I got the same work of plucking grass. The place had quite a lot of grass to be plucked. In addition we planted some spinach too. After the work, it was awesome to sit on the side of the backwaters and enjoy the sound of the water and listen to the wind. It is so calm and peaceful.
Back at ashram, we had the final event of gardening process, drinking Kanji. Though I dont like Kanji at all, I liked drinking Kanji after the work which gave me a sense of getting energized. I felt my mind more relaxed and refreshed and I loved the experience.


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