Judea Pearl

It was amazing to read about the idea of thinking machines. If machines are capable of taking decisions based on reasoning, it can reduce a lot of human efforts in various fields. We no more require supervisors for machines.  This idea is a great turning point to the world of Artificial Intelligence. Judea Pearl, Israeli American computer scientist and philosopher, won the Turing Award for 2012, sometimes called the Nobel Prize in computing , on his contribution to AI regarding this aspect of ‘Thinking Machines’.

One past winner, Vinton Cerf, says Pearl’s accomplishments have “redefined the term ‘thinking machine'” over the past 30 years. Pearl’s efforts have had “a pervasive influence not only on machine learning but on natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, computational biology, econometrics, cognitive science and statistics,” Cerf said in a statement.

It is Pearl who coined the word “Bayesian Network”. This phrase mimics the neural activities of the human brain, constantly exchanging messages without benefit of a supervisor.

He won the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computers and Cognitive Science from the Franklin Institute in 2008.

[Reference : http://www.cio.co.uk/news/3345087/turing-award-2012-goes-ucla-professor-judea-pearl/ ]


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