Is this world real???

“One of the basic mistake about  science -It makes the assumption that the World is real.  Vedanta doesn’t make this assumption. Thus Vedanta is more scientific than our modern science!”

This is one of the fascinating lesson that I learned after attending the sessions by Bala Sir . I pondered a lot on this statement.  Bala Sir came up with a challenge to prove that the world that we see or experience is the true world and is not a dream! The challenge might seem funny at first.
One may ask, if this is not the reality, what else could be?
I believed what I see and hear is real. But I now understand that I was foolish. What my eyes can see or my ears can hear are very limited. Human eyes’ vision is limited to the visible spectrum. Then how can I believe that what I see is the real form of the object that is in front of me. That can be an illusion too.
I believed I am the combination of my body, my intellect, and my mind. But now I am taught that I am not any of the above. My body kept changing from my childhood till today. My thoughts were never permanent. I know my intellect is completely different from what I had ten years back. If all these what I believed constituted me were temporary, then how can I believe that my body is me, my intellect is me or my mind is me. I know that the feeling of ‘I’ that existed on me right from my childhood till today never changed. I understood that it is permanent. And if the body, mind and intellect of all the creatures in this world are not considered, i.e if all the temporary definitions of life are kept aside, what remains in all is the feeling of “I” which is the same for everyone.

The idea is simply superb! It is really convincing for me to believe in the divine ‘I’ that reside in me.
Another idea that I liked the most is how he explained that time and space as  mere illusion.
Time is applicable only in relative planes and otherwise time cannot be measured. And he explained about how scientists have come to the conclusion that space is an illusion through  EPR paradox .
This blend of our culture with science is truly inspiring.
I am deeply interested in learning more Vedanta, the end of knowledge. I look forward for more and more striking ideas that the great sages of our country had discovered.


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