PIC Microcontroller Memory

Have you ever wondered how a traffic light, or a moving message display, or a digital clock works?  It is the microcontroller or the microprocessor that is embedded inside makes such electronic gadgets work.  Their application conquers the world of  Automotive electronics, telecommunications, Medical systems, Military applications, authentication,aircraft electronics etc. PIC is a microcontroller.

PIC Peripheral Interface Controller belongs to the family of RISC ( Reduced Instruction Set Computer) and is made by Microchip Inc. It is a 40 pin chip. PIC follows Harvard Architecture. I would like to explain how the memory in PIC is classified.


There are two main classification of memory in PIC.

1.Program Memory

8K X 14 bits of space for the program memory.  It is divided into 4 pages of 2K memory each.  There is a program counter that contains the address of the next instruction to be executed.

2.Data Memory

RAM file or file registers consist of 512 bytes of memory that are divided into 4 banks on 128 bytes each. Data memory is again classified as general purpose registers and special function registers. SFR includes registers such as STATUS and FSR that serves different purposes.

GPR include  scratch pad  area/registers and are used for data storage  and for scratch pad operations.
Special Function Register (FSR, STATUS etc.) -Control operation of the device


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