I love to run

I love to run. It is a very nice feeling to run very fast. I feel as if I am flying.  I was a very bad runner when I was in my lower primary. I think it is in my 8th class that I started loving to run.

I went to school in private bus (not school bus). I had to walk around 300mts to reach the bus stop.  Though the stop was on the side of the National Highway, very few buses stopped at my Stop. As I was a student, I had a concession ticket. Thus none of the bus people were interested to stop the bus for me, just a 1 rupee ticket. My savior was a school teacher who worked at a nearby school. The bus at 8:00 AM stopped in my Bus Stop for the teacher and I used to get into that bus everyday. If I missed the bus, then the next bus is only at 8:30 and I will be late to class. And I hated the 8:30 bus because it used to be crowded like a market. And the bus conductor in that is a monster.  He hates school children and treats us like pests. As I am a peace lover, I always preferred the 8:00AM bus.

I get up at 6:00AM everyday. I do all my home works in the morning. I am very busy with my cousins playing cricket in the evening. How much ever I try, the time will be 7:57AM when I leave the house. In three minutes I need to reach the stop. I had no  option other than to RUN. My dad will scold me if he see me running on the road. So I walk very casually till I step out of the house. The moment I am out of the house, the race begins.The closing sound of the gate is the starting signal for me. The  only target will be the orange colored small bus. I run with full speed with the big sack (school bag) at my back. The cycles passing by used to stop giving me way. I don’t see anything other that the road in front of me. I don’t hear anything else other than the  air. There is a  90 degree turn on the way. I love that area. I used to feel as if I am flying when I run through that part. I will also be tilted to 90 degrees when I run through that way. I used to say Hooo and run. (not very loudly). People used to look at me and smile. I knew everyone in the village. But I dont  have time to stop and smile back to them. I used to shout bye to them and Run . After crossing the  tea shop, is the last 50 meters. I can see the stop then. I will be looking for the teacher. My heart used to be full of  joy and happiness when I see her. Because she is the symbol that the bus didn’t leave yet.

There were very few days that I missed the bus. And I used to feel very proud of myself each day when I get into the bus. I used to feel like a great warrior who won the war. I sit near the window side in the front of the bus and watch the road through which it moves. And I say myself.. Oh ! The bus is very slow. I must teach him how to run faster. Then I smile thinking about the pleasure while running through that 90 degree turn and smile looking at the small photo of Lord Vishnu kept in front of the bus.


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