Android Apps

Mobile phones has revolutionized the world. Nowadays it is a very common gadget seen among people, without any distinction as rich or poor. It is very cheaply available in market. Smart phones are also becoming common. And Android apps are gaining popularity due its uniqueness. The Android platform is open source. And it serves as a motivation for the innovative minds all over the world.

I feel this as a place where lot of innovation can be brought out and I am sure that in a short period of time, phones with Android apps are going to be very common among wide range of people. Some of the areas where I found it very useful for the people are as follows.

It is estimated that there are currently about 18 million people worldwide with Alzheimer’s disease [WHO]. And almost 58% of the people with this problem live in developing countries like India. The problem of lack of memory is very common in India among people who are above 65 years of age. I have personally experienced the difficulties the relatives will have with a patient who suffers from memory loss. I was very impressed when I heard about the Android App for tracing the patients once they wanders out with forgetfulness, which acts a lot like Apple’s find my iPhone service. The app, ALZ-Locate, is already available on the Android app market and has been successfully used by over 500 families.

In this app, the patient is assumed to carry the Android phone with him. It updates a web-based database of his position every 10 minutes or so. The various siblings can also register in the app as watchers.

In another way, I feel that the same app can provide more security for the smart phone user as once it is found missing, then the owner can keep some track of it. Also, this app serves useful if the user with the phone is kidnapped as he can give his location to his relatives without explicitly calling anyone. This feature could be useful especially for women who travel at night. The rate of kidnapping is around 2.09 as per crime statistics of India.

Android apps can also be used for memory testing. Recently I planned to make an app that helps in learning or by-hearting things.  This could be useful for students. Consider an example. In my tenth class, learning the whole periodic table of all the elements was a tough task for me. I had thought for a better way to learn things like that then.  An app can be made that will give an attractive and effective mode to learn such things would be interesting. A game can be made where the student is made to answer the atomic number or mass number or category of different elements. This will provide a memory test for them. Also, different features could be included in the app. If you click on one element, all its properties can be mentioned. Games like element hunt where different properties of an element can be mentioned and the student must guess the element will help them in remembering them easily. Also pictures can be included. The same kind of application can be used in various other areas like learning slokas of Bhagavad Gita, multiplication table, chemical equations, etc.. Here learning is made fun and thus children will be more attracted.


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