Latex is one of the best type setting tool compared to any other type setters. TeX is essentially a Markup Language (like HTML, XML and RTF). The typeset quality of Latex is incomparable. If u want to  make a technical paper or a thesis , Latex is the best choice. It is easy to include math formulas and charts. Also the source file format  is not bound to a particular OS or platform. Latex is totally free.

A Latex file is first made with  ‘.tex’ extension. It is then compiled and converted to pdf or ps format file. Some of the Latex environments are kile, lyx etc. Some of the tex ediitors are Texnic-center, Wintex, Winedit, Texmaker, Texworks etc. The commonly used latex engines are Miktex and Tex live. Viewers are Yap, Ghost view, Adobe Reader etc.

Here is an example of a Latex file

\title{Simple Example}
\date{September 27}
Namah Shivaya!

Latex has a lot more advantages for scientific writing. It handles cross-references, citations and bibliographies, TOCs, tables and figures and more in a clean, explicit, and consistent manner. Not necessarily without some effort (you have to learn how to do it), but a lot less pain once you master it. So start learning Latex. It will surely help you.


3 thoughts on “Latex

  1. Many people actually know very less about Latex. It has enormous features. And the person who has posted is an expert in Latex. So obviously it helps.

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