This is an article which really made me think. I used to think previously that to say that I am a hindu or  to speak about our religion is not suited for a person at this modern world. But now I realise the value of religion. I realize the importance of being in a community. I bow to my religion which is the most unique and pure in this world.

Have you ever heard of any church or mosque being controlled by the government in any country?? But why only temples??

Non-Muslims would never be made trustees or guardians of mosques.
Non-Christians would never be made trustees or guardians of churches.
Non-Sikhs would never be made trustees or guardians of gurudwaras.

So why should non-Hindus be allowed to be trustees or guardians of Hindu temples ?

Without understanding the necessity to protect our religion,  educated young Hindus are going behind westernisation  in the  name of secularism.  Of course India is a secular country. But that doesn’t mean that Hinduism can be exploited by anyone in any way. I am sure that the article will definitely give all Hindus at least a thought about where are we moving to.. Our religion Hinduism is India’s identity.  We must preserve it. Hindus must awake and demand their rights.

Read the article…

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One thought on “Cognizant

  1. I completely agree with you. In fact only Hinduism and Buddhism tell that all the religions are the same but none of the other religions do. We are not ready to understand the greatness of our religion and we are not either supporting it. See when a Hindu monk was arrested, we did not support but chose instead to suspect his involvement in the crime.

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