Guava – The synonym for Vitamin C

One day, my sir asked me what comes to my mind when he says Vitamin C. I said lemon, orange, vitamin tablets etc… It was then when he said me about the master of Vitamin C , Guava. I was a bit surprised to know that Guava was a superstar among fruits. We had a Guava tree in our home and Guava was a very common fruit in our area.  I never cared to eat Guava because I didnt know its  essence. If you thought that oranges were the richest source of vitamin C, then you are mistaken. They dont come in the vicinity of Guava. One Guava provides 165 mg of vitamin C whereas one orange provide just 69 mg.  

I was thinking of my foolishness on buying Oranges without eating the Guava that grew in front of my eyes in search of Vitamin C. According to some researches, Guava is the most nutritious fruit. Guava is mainly produced in Mexico, India and Brazil.  Guavas are rich in Vitamin A,C and B3, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and anti oxidant pigments such as caretenoids and polyphenols.

One Guava provides you 688 mg of potassium whereas potassium rich banana can provide you with only 254 mg of potassium. Potassium helps you in lowering blood pressure and also keep your skin glowing and wrinkle free.

The fiber content is good for digestive system and keeps your intestine clean. Vitamin C helps in maintaining a healthy immune system, it aids in neutralizing pollutants, is needed for antibody production, acts to increase the absorption of nutrients (including iron) in the gut, and thins the blood.

So I decided to eat more and more of Guavas . I hope you will also… 🙂


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