Be aware of the Cyber Crimes

It is innate among many humans to go through any crooked ways for attaining materialistic pleasures and powers.  In this Kaliyuga, cheating and deceiving others are very common. People if sincere and truthful are considered powerless and foolish. Just as the crimes are rising in any other field, it is not less in cyber space too.

Cyber space is the collective noun for diverse range of environments that have arisen using the Internet and various other services. “The expression crime is defined as an act, which subjects the doer to legal punishment or any offence against morality, social order or any unjust or shameful act. The “offence” is defined in the Code of Criminal Procedure to mean as an act or omission made punishable by any law for the time being in force. Cyber crime is a term used to broadly describe criminal activity in which computers or computer networks are a tool, a target, or a place of criminal activity and include everything from electronic cracking to denial of service attacks. It is also used to include traditional crimes in which computers or networks are used to enable the illicit activity.”
Unauthorized access to computer systems, altering or damaging the data, and theft of intellectual property are the main crimes. They are done as:

  •  CRACKING: Illegal intrusion to a computer  system without the owner’s permission.
  •  DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK: Here the  bandwidth of the victim’s network is flooded by the criminal depriving him of the services he is entitled to access.
  •  VIRUS DISSEMINATION: Malicious software that attaches itself to other software.
  •  SOFTWARE PIRACY:Theft of software through the illegal copying of genuine programs or the counterfeiting and distribution of products intended to pass for the original.
  •  PORNOGRAPHY: Publishing, transmitting any material in electronic form which is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest is an offence under the provisions of section 67 of I.T. Act -2000.
  • IRC CRIME:Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers have chat rooms in which people from anywhere the world can come together and chat with each other .

->Criminals use it for meeting conspirators.
->Hackers use it for discussing their exploits / sharing the techniques.
->Paedophiles use chat rooms to allure small children.
->Cyber Stalking – In order to harass a woman her telephone number is given to others as if she wants to befriend males.

  • CREDIT CARD FRAUD:If electronic transactions are not secured the credit card numbers can be stolen by the hackers who can misuse this card by impersonating the credit card owner.                The micro camera at the side of the pamphlet box can view the KEYPAD and also the monitor to send wireless picture up to 200metres.
  • NET EXTORTION:Copying the company’s confidential data in order to extort said company for huge amount.
  •  PHISHING:It is technique of pulling out confidential information from the bank/financial institutional account holders by deceptive means.
  •  SPOOFING:Getting one computer on a network to pretend to have the identity of another computer, usually one with special access privileges , so as to obtain access to the other computers on the network.
  •  CYBER STALKING:The Criminal follows the victim by sending emails, entering the chat rooms frequently.
  • CYBER DEFAMATION:The Criminal sends emails containing defamatory matters to all concerned of the victim or post the defamatory matters on a website.
  • THREATENING:The Criminal sends threatening email or comes in contact in chat rooms with victim.
  •  SALAMI ATTACK:In such crime criminal makes insignificant changes in such a manner that such changes would go unnoticed. Criminal makes such program that deduct small amount like Rs. 2.50 per month from the account of all the customer of the Bank and deposit the same in his account. In this case no account holder will approach the bank for such small amount but criminal gains a huge amount.
  • SALE OF NARCOTICS:Sale & Purchase through net.  There are web site which offer sale and shipment of contrabands drugs.They may use the techniques of stegnography for hiding the messages.

It is a well-known fact that terrorists have been using the Internet  to communicate, extort, intimidate, raise funds and coordinate operations. They have the capability to paralyze large parts of communication networks, cause financial meltdown and unrest. The degree of our preparedness in the face of all these crimes is the major part that determines the intensity of the crimes. Be alert and aware of the world around us so that we don’t promote the crimes with our lack of knowledge and foolishness.


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