Thought at the exam hall

This was a question that came for my “humanities” class test. I didnt expect a question like that and I wrote what came to my mind then.

What is the purpose of life?


I feel this as a very complex question.Of course we can say that there is a purpose to life. But when it comes to the point of oneness among all, the supreme reality, the purpose life is unknown. As a common man, I would say that to realise the God in us, or to experience our Atma would be the real purpose why men are born. But it is not possible for every humans as it depends on our previous birth and our karmas. So to live doing  service for  others and to maintain harmony could be one purpose. To attain permanent happiness is the main goal. To be able to see the God in everyone and to be able to love everyone whole heartedly could be a great achievement…

I dont know whether this is the purpose. But I felt very happy while writing these. I dont know why!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Thought at the exam hall

  1. My answer would have been slightly different. The purpose is actually understand the oneness in all the living beings and to realize supreme in others and when you accomplish this, you have realized your supreme.
    Okay this is taking me somewhere, let’s come to a practical purpose. It is to eat,sleep,work and enjoy every moment of it. In fact cherish and face everything with a smile on your face.
    I want to know which one you could relate to and which one you agree with!

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