A trip to Wayand in the God’s own country…

Once again I fell in love with her. It is her beauty that attracts me the most. It pulls me. Her expansiveness and strength make us feel so powerless in front of her. I felt myself as a tiny creature in front of her,The Mother,The Nature.  Wayanad is a beautiful place. Once you go there , you will never feel like coming back. We set our trip to Wayanad to attend the Parikramanam at Pulpally where we climb a mountain and take darshanam of the God and then climb down. It was a two day trip. The trip started as usual with the ashtothari of Amma and the Lalithasahasranama. We reached at Mananthavady Amrita Vidyalayam by around 6 in the morning. It was a brahmasthanam and it was for the first time that I visit one. We set our trip to Thirunnelli temple first.On the way we saw Pazhassiraja’s tomb. A great walour who fought till his last breath for his land,for his people, for the nature. I was inspired by his braveness. I wish I could see him once. At Thirunelli, we saw the Lord Vishnu surrounded by the brahmagiri hills. The scene was superb. The atmosphere was so peace giving and I enjoyed the time like anything. We walked through the sides of Papapnashini(river). It is the place where the ashes of dead people are floated. We walked through the ways enjoying the sound of the river. It was so fresh. I have heard before that if we dip on the waters, our sins will be washed away. And now I understood how. I could feel the freshness and purity of the river which has got the power to clean all the dirt of our hearts. I walked through the waters and it was so nice. I heard the music of the waters. Our next destination was Iruppa waterfalls at Karnataka. It was for the first time that I am seeing a waterfalls. I was a bit scared at first seeing the force of the water falling down. It was amazing. I salute mother nature for her beauty and power. Nobody is as strong and powerful as she is. The water seemed white. I looked up at the tip of the waters to find out where it is emerging from. I saw it coming through a tiny gap between two massive rocks. I dont know where all the waters came from without stopping.. Maybe a cycle going on inside. We took some photos and returned . We reached Pulpally by night. The next day , we visited the Pulpally temple by 8 in the morning. It was the temple of Sita devi and Lava and Kusha. After the function there in the temple, we started to Shishumala. We walked around 12km. We sang bhajans . It was full of joy and excitement. We all together climbed the mountain. Nobody felt the distance. It was similar to climbing the Sabarimala. I enjoyed each and every second. Climbing up the hill was easier compared to our journey down. Because the ways were too slippery and risky. We holded the rope tied on the side and got down. But I was not scared at all. It was fun. By afternoon we reached down. We set back to Kollam by 3:30. This trip will me memorable one for me. I felt proud of being a part of a place where existed such a beautiful blend between men and nature. Wayanad must be a place seen by the person who commented Kerala as the “God’s own country”.  Wish to explore the beauties of nature more and more …


3 thoughts on “A trip to Wayand in the God’s own country…

  1. Nice vocabulary, when I was reading it, I felt as if I was really traveling through these places. As I have once gone there, I could see those pics in my mind, for ex: the river, Sita temple etc. If u can, pls upload more pics so that the readers will get a clear picture.
    Also, I think if you could write the sentences more elaborately ( more lengthy), the reader could have felt things better!!!
    Anyway Very Good work. 🙂 … Carry on.. All the best!!

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