Hey friends.. Have you tried to use torrents?? If not, just dont delay to start. It is really very fast. Torrent sharing is the contemporary way to download music and movie files from the Internet.
Torrents are specialized files utilized in peer-to-peer (P2P) network environments. There is a proprietary P2P software that communicates between the personnel computers in the network.
What basically happens is a users browses a torrent tracker to find a torrent file of interest, download it, and open it with a BitTorrent client. The client connects to the tracker specified in the torrent file, from which it receives a list of peers currently transferring pieces of the file(s) specified in the torrent. The client connects to those peers to obtain the various pieces. Such a group of peers connected to each other to share a torrent is called a swarm. If the swarm contains only the initial seeder, the client connects directly to it and begins to request pieces. As peers enter the swarm, they begin to trade pieces with one another, instead of downloading directly from the seeder.
If there is a faster way to download what you need,why still going for the old downloading process. Lets not waste a single second. We may use those preserved seconds for creating wonders.:) 🙂
For more details:Click Here
(thanks to Anish sir for introducing me to TORRENTS)….


One thought on “Torrents

  1. nice article dear…but torrents are not actually faster medium for downloading…since it is been shared from many users..we cannot actually insist a faster connection from every users…

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